The 10th Wave


            a sacred play in magic, music, dream and dance                 

                                    with John Graham

         Seville Lodge, Callan Road, Kilkenny, October 14-16

              (Cost 295 euro, incl food and accommodation)


Part of the fruition process for every Wave in the unfolding of the Mayan calendar has been the sowing of a seed that initiates the launch of its successor. A seed will also ‘drop’ on October 16, 2011. Its purpose is to plant the seed of a new humanity in our collective awareness. It can be facilitated by people meeting in representative groups to receive the seed consciously. Our Play is dedicated to this end.

Night 1      Introduction

AM1:        Over Nine Waves

                 Infinite Void

                 Divine Plan                

                 Waves of Creation

                 The Ninth Wave          

                 Unity Prefigured                                                                              

                Spanning Thirteen Heavens

PM1:        Deep is the Well of the Past

                 House of Memories

                 Ruined City               

                 Portrait of the Goddess as a Young Woman               

                 Rebuilding the City

                 All We Have Been



                Sacer Facere (To Make Sacred)

                This is my Body

                Heart of Compassion

                Making Holy

                Let Beauty Shine

                And God/dess Sings

Night2:    Light and Dark               

                Into That Darkness                

                The Heart of Darkness is the Heart of Love             

                Pearl of Great Price (The Birth of Light)

                Divine Child/Quickening

                Sowing the Seed

AM2:      The Journey Home

               Hero in 9 Underworlds

               Engaging Goddess

              (i)    Harrowing Hell

              (ii)   Skeleton Woman

              (iii)  Wooing

              (iv)  Wedding

              (v)   Ecstasy/Gift

              The Last 13 Days

PM2:       Meeting the 9-part God





               The One that Lives

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