The Goddess Rising

          Sexual Healing and the Return of the Female Christ

                                 with John Graham

   Seville Lodge, Callan Road, Kilkenny, November 6-8, 2009

There has been an undeclared war between men and women through patriarchal history. Female creativity has been suppressed as a result and male creativity alienated. This registers in our sexuality, which is no longer the practice of divine loving it originally was. The return of the Goddess in our time warrants a re-marrying of fe/male energies between the sexes and within individual wo/men. This sacred play facilitates both ends.

Male-female is the fundamental polarity of human experience. It is first experienced at the level of our second chakra, which has seriously contracted due to waves of sexual wounding in our personal and collective histories. We will work with movement, music, story and dream to heal this condition. We start with a general introduction to our themes and explore relevant principles of sacred movement. We learn how the spark of Spirit gets buried under the weight of emotional history and work to reverse this by clearing both our male and female sides. This prepares us for inner marrying and spiritual birth. We then recap our souls’ passage through patriarchal time in order to clear old wounds of feminine sensibility, including unconscious hostilities towards fe/maleness.

This process continues through sleep and registers for some of us in dreams, which we explore in order to bring the night’s healing into our waking dispositions. We then come up to date by integrating deep clearings of our soul-histories and present lives into current awareness. This enables a sacred marrying of our inner male and female aspects. It also frees us to enjoy renewed outer relationships and to raise the Christ Flame into our Hearts. The workshop ends by celebrating a ‘vertical marriage’, in which we are reborn from the Heart of Earth.  This restores our sense of cosmic awareness, expands our Christ Flame and that of Earth while also facilitating – from within her consciousness field – the process of her and our Ascension.

Friday Night: Introduction

Saturday AM I :           Principles of Sacred Movement (Presence, Integrity, Heartfulness)

                                          Falling into Earth

                                          Sacral Walking

                                         Geometries of Heaven

Saturday AM II:        Of Spirit and Emotional Wounding


                                         Closed Transcendence                                       

                                         Remembering the Flame

Saturday PM I:          Goddess in Chains

                                         Ladies in Waiting


                                        Gods who failed

                                        Evoking the New Father


Saturday PM II:      Male Wounding

                                       One Shot

                                       Nights in Armour

                                       Lady of the Fountain

                                       Song of Songs


Night II:                      The Shadow of Death

                                        The Goddess Remembers

                                        She Moves the World

                                        Valley of Shadows

                                         The Song has no Ending

                                         Rekindling Sacred Fire

Sunday AM I:             Birthing a New Dream

                                         Dream Clinic

                                         Dream-work: Raising the Flame

Sunday AM II:            The Return of the Female Christ

                                           Fire in my Belly

                                          Courage to Be

                                          Sacred Marriage

                                         Mysteries of Love

                                         The Goddess Rises

                                         And I am Happy Now

Sunday PM:                  The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

                                           Womb of Earth

                                           Her Inner Being

                                           The Sun will Bless this Day

                                          As One Heart Beating

                                          Galactic Consciousness

                                          Mother Universe

                                          Cosmos and Beyond

John Graham MA, PhD has 30 years experience teaching philosophy, psychology and myth. He also has 30 years experience of tai chi, martial arts and other dance/movement forms. For further information please contact or 086-2100772.

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