The Last Day


            a sacred play in magic, music, dream and dance                 

                                      with John Graham

         Seville Lodge, Callan Road, Kilkenny, October 28-29

                Cost 170 euro, incl food and accommodation


In Calleman’s words, October 28 marks ‘the highest quantum state of the Universe’. In the language of Mayan mythology, it is the day when a 9-part god will ‘manifest in full regalia’, signifying the end of a creative cycle that has been carried by 9 Waves over 16 billion years. These frequencies must be sustained by those who are capable of ‘Meeting the God’ and embodying them in a climate of ambient fear. Our task will then be to build a culture based on principles of Unity and Love. We start by bridging energies of October 28 (13 Ahau: Ascension/Enlightenment) directly into a healing recap of our species’ evolutionary ascent. This entails redeeming our ‘Fall’ and integrating spurned ‘reptilian’ energies associated with it. It is perfect that this happens on 1 Imix (Crocodile).

13 Ahau:   Introduction

Night 1:  The Last 13 Days

               Meeting the God              




               The One that Lives

               O Creator, Beauty Way

1 Imix:

AM1:     Falling Through Dimensions

              One(s) who Fell to Earth

              Goddess Awakening

              Out of the Oceans

              Saint Dragon

              Grandmothers’ Circle

AM2:     From Alignment to Origin

              Remembering Origin

              Sacred Wounding, Sacred Earth

              Exile and the Passion

              Goddess Awakened

              Midnight Sun

PM1:     Unity in Action

              A Great Awakening

              Raising the Flame

              The Flowering of Earth (Ascension)

              Existence Illuminates

              The Revelation of Being

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